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Training and Certification

Training and Certification is the central object with which Softsense begain its journey. With time scale, Softsense added domains. Along with Basic to High-end Software and Hardware training, Softsense offers professional training in Cyber Security, Laptop Repairing, and Financial Accounting. Softsense has completed corporate training with several Government and Private organizations.


Certification provides authentication. Along with Softsense certification, knowledge of Softsense student is verified by various verifiable national and global professional certifications bodies like Certiport, TEPL, ISAC, TCS, Pragatee Foundation etc. This recognizes their quality and helps in shaping the professional career of students.

(1) Softsense Training & Certifications

  • Programming Courses viz. C, C++, VB, Oracle, Java, Data Structure, Python etc.
  • Fundamental Courses viz. Office Automation, Financial A/c, Graphics Designing, Web Designing etc.
  • Certification / Diploma Courses viz. KLiC, CCEd, DCEd etc.
  • Hardware Courses viz. Hardware, Networking, Laptop Repairing etc.

(2) NSD Certifications

  • NSD Certified Cyber Security Scholar [NCSS]
  • NSD Certified Penetration Tester [NCPT]
  • NSD Certified Bug Bounty Researcher [NCBBR]
  • NSD Certified Forensic Investigation Researcher [NCFIR]
  • Cyber Crime Intervention Officer [CCIO]
  • Certified Professinal in Ethics at Workplace [CPEW]

(3) Tally Certifications

  • Tally Prime Essentials Level 1
  • Tally Prime Essentials Level 2
  • Tally Prime Essentials Level 3
  • Tally Prime Comprehensive
  • TDS using Tally Prime

Online Tally Courses

  • TDS using Tally Prime
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable Management
  • Data Analysis & Verification

(4) Global Certifications

Information Technology Specialist [ITS]

– A way for students to validate every level IT skills sought after by employers. Avails certifications in

  • Database
  • Software Development
  • Networking
  • Network Security
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Python
  • HTML & CSS
  • HTML 5 App Development
  • Device Configuration and Mangement
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computational Thinking
  • Cybersecurity


  • Microsoft Office Specialist [MOS]
  • Microsoft Certified Fundamentals
    – A pathway to AI, Data Science, and Cloud Computing using Azure and 365
  • Microsoft Certified Educator Certification


  • Adobe Certification Exams
  • ACA Specialist Certificate¬†
  • Get Certified in following Adobe products
    1. Adobe Afte Effects
    2. Adobe Animate
    3. Adobe Dreamweaver
    4. Adobe Illustrator
    5. Adobe InDesign
    6. Adobe Photoshop
    7. Adobe Premier Pro


  • Unity Certifications in Gaming
  • Unity Certifications in Film
  • Unity Certifications in Automotive
  • Unity Certifications in Architecture, Engineering and Construction.


  • Autodesk Certification in AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Certification in 3DS MAX
  • Autodesk Certification in MAYA
  • Autodesk Certification in REVIT¬†

EC Council

  • EC Council Associate Certifications
  • Ethical Hacking Associate Certification
  • Cyber Forensics Associate Certification

Red Hat

  • Red Hat Certifications