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Other Services

Clean Exit

  • Clean Exit is an innovative solution for business owners and companies to stop employee frauds and misconduct. If an employee misbehaves or does fraud, they are rated in the clean exit system which is centrally shared with companies.
  • Statistics says that Employees commit the biggest fraud. According to survey, it is observed that current and former employees are the biggest perpetrators of fraud in Indian companies, followed by agents and intermediaries.
  • If an employee does fraud that results in loss to the company, Clean Exit pays for it.
  • We are so confident of the process that we are willing to insure you against financial losses due to frauds committed by your employees. Unbelievable but its true!
  • CleanExit model is available as –
  1. For Universities
    Code of Ethics Certificate Program for your students that can accelerate hiring by Clean Exit member companies.
  2. For Companies
    Clean Exit rating for your employees and teams to prevent frauds and misconduct.
  3. For Business
    Whenever you sign any agreement or contract, get the same registered with Clean Exit. This will protect  your business and ensure timely performance of the contract.


This is “A kid friendly superhero that helps kids fight bad guys in cyber space”.

Over half of young people do not tell their parents when online blackmail or cyberbullying occurs. Girls are more likely to be involved in sextortion and cybercrime attacks, making them vulnerable with low self-esteem and to consider suicide.

Joining Hanubot program, you Join India’s largest volunteer member network of lawyers and law students who help children and their parents affected by cyber crimes.

The problem is larger because

  • India is Number 1 in Cyber Crimes
  • Kids & Teens cannot be monitored 24/7
  • Parents do not know how to get the right legal help

Hanubot kit gives solution. The kit contains

  1. Story book describing how to deal with sextortion in simple manner
  2. Activity to create strong password
  3. Activity to spot online chatting traps
  4. Parents guide on how to talk to their kids
  5. Online credentials to view animated videos on Cyber Safety

Benefits to Schools

  • Free training will be given to reachers on handling basic counselling to the students on cyber crime issues.
  • We will setup “Cyber Law Intervention Center for Kids” at school to help parents seeking legal assistance
  • Fee Cyber Safety workshop and “How do I” session for Parents during the PTM at the school