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Ethical Hacking

What is National Security Database?

National Security Database [NSD] is a prestigious empanelment program awarded to credible & trustworthy Information security experts with proven skills to protect the National Critical Infrastructure & economy of the country.

NSD Certifications

  1. NCSS – NSD Certified Cyber Security Scholar
  2. NCPT – NSD Certified Penetration Tester
  3. NCBBR – NSD Certified Bug Bounty Researcher
  4. NCFIR – NSD Certified Forensic Investigation Researcher
  5. CCIO – Cyber Crime Intervention Office
  6. CPEW – Certified Professional in Ethics at Workplace

The Need of National Security Database:

India is known for its capability in Information technology. But it is also a fact that India is one of the top countries with highest rate of Cybercrime incidents and computer virus infections. This not only affects a lot of individuals but also the business and the Government, who are regular targets of coordinated hacking attacks.

Even as organizations strive to protect their sensitive information to defend from phishing attacks, data leakage, malware threats, email hacking, website defacements and other attacks, the Government is struggling to train the law enforcement about hacking, move towards secure e-governance for the common man and protect its national critical infrastructure from cyber-warfare and insider threats.

To address the security concerns at both the Industry and the Government, it is essential to seek assistance from Information technology and security experts.

Who can join NSD?

Join National Security Database if:

  • You want to help our nation
  • Work with Law Enforcement and various agencies to tackle cyber crimes
  • Learn hacking and related Information security domains
  • Progress in your career effectively
  • Earn respect in your network for your skills
  • Contribute in cyber security research
  • Learn about policies and strategies impacting National security
  • Network with the best minds in Information security

Team of Softsense Students at Cyber Security Conference (2014) in New Delhi

But can everyone handle sensitive information?

To help India advance the physical and Cyber security of critical infrastructures or work on a responsible job in the corporate, it is necessary to have people who are not only competent but also with a high degree of trustworthiness and integrity.

This process involves examination of references, technical skills, criminal history, and even psychology assessment to generate a credit report for security clearance.

Obtaining a security clearance credit not only helps in gaining higher credibility but also makes it easier to both the Industry and the Government to identify professionals who can be trusted with protecting sensitive data.

National Security Database is a prestigious accreditation program awarded to credible & trustworthy Information security experts with proven skills to protect the National Critical Infrastructure & economy of the country. The database also acts as a security clearance credit for accessing and operating on information for higher positions in the industry.

What are the various specialty domains offered by NSD?

Domain NameRecommended For
Penetration TestingProfessionals with Hardware and Networking Background. Basic familiarity with Linux recommended.
Web Application SecurityProfessionals with general Networking background along with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Web designing etc
Digital ForensicsProfessionals with good understanding of Systems and Networks.
Exploit DevelopmentProfessionals with development and research background. Knowledge of Assembly language required!
Web Application SecurityProfessionals with Development background. Knowledge of Dot Net, Java suggested.
Malware AnalysisProfessionals with background on Reverse Engineering
Reverse EngineeringProfessionals with development background and strong foundations in debugging, assembly language.

What are the different ways to Apply in NSD?

MethodDescriptionBest For
Research InternshipsThe internship program is usually approved only if you have a development / programming background. Work on part-time basis for 3 months and earn 100% scholarship for official training and NSD exams.Professionals who already have some experience in Programming / Development
Prove your ExperienceIf you have over five years of direct experience in the Information security domain with credible skills, you can request your direct manager, CIO or CEO to nominate your name for empanelment in NSD. Requires a telephonic interview.Professionals who have direct experience of Information security domains for 5 or more years
Present your Research PaperPresent technical research papers at various Indian security conferences and send the details to the foundation. If the research paper is approved internally, your profile can be considered for direct empanelment in NSD.Researchers who have presented their work in various Indian Security Conferences.
Appear for Lab examsYou can appear for NSD Lab exams to prove your technical skills and earn the empanelment. We strongly recommend minimum three years of professional work experience related to Information security before applying for the examinationsStudents or Professionals who have less than 3 years of experience in Information Security, programming or research.
Executive Fellow Program in National SecurityA one year online course focusing on Cyber security policies, strategies, foreign relations and national security issues, professionals can take the fellow program and present a research paper at the end of term for successful empanelment in the National Security Database.For Security managers, Journalists, Senior managers, CISOs, CXOs, Law enforcement, Government Officers with a background in Military or Intelligence.

List of NSD Certified Softsense Students

Sr.No.Name Of StudentsCertificate ID
1Sujay Jagdish Pusadkar, AkolaNSD10820818
2Miss Pooja Sanjay Gaikwad, WardhaNSD10820819
3Chaitanya Bhagwan Bobhate, NagpurNSD10820820
4Ajay Arun Gedam, NagpurNSD10820821
5Manoj Bhaurao Musale, ChandrapurNSD10820822
6Pawan Ramesh Waghmare, ChandrapurNSD10820823
7Amit Anil Suryawanshi, OsmanabadNSD10820824
8Vedant Hemant Ambarkar, NagpurNSD10820825
9Anup Sudam Padhye, ChandrapurNSD10820826
10Miss Kanak Sanjeev Mishra, AkolaNSD10820827
11Shridhar Vinod Giri, YavatmalNSD10820828
12Praman Ashok Rana, AmravatiNSD10820829
13Pratyush Pradeep Naseri, NagpurNSD10820830
14Aditya Dilip Harshey, NagpurNSD10820831
15Ramij Nasim Khan, NagpurNSD10820832
16Saurabh Dinesh Shukla, NagpurNSD10820833
17Mohammed Fakhruddin Rampurawala, NagpurNSD10820834
18Sudhir Vishvanath Mishra, NagpurNSD10820835
19Sushmit Shriram Kshirsagar, NagpurNSD17001
20Vinay Ravikiran Atkar, NagpurNSD16001
21Jayesh Shrikant Tapse, NagpurNSD16002
22Sandesh Chandrakant Sonole, NagpurNSD16003
23Piyush Dilip Jadhav, NagpurNSDPT-0619003
24Shantanu Vijay Joshi, NagpurNSDPT-0619001
25Shubham Lokhande, NagpurNSDPT-0619002
26Romee Rajkumar Deshmukh, NagpurNSD3074
27Praful Dilip Barsagade, NagpurNSD3075
28Devendra Ramdas Badwaik, NagpurNSD3071
29Tejas Vikas Shastri, NagpurNSD3075
30Shubham S Likhankar, NagpurNSD3072
31Aniruddha Sudhir Khandwe, Nagpur194519000004212009
32Ankit Arun Lohe, Amravati194519000004212019
33Kshitij Radheshyam Barapatre, Nagpur194519000004212029
34Rishab Ashish Sharma, Nagpur 
35Miss Kiran Radheshyam Birgodia, Nagpur