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Cyberange is a Real World Simulation platform for Information Security Professionals, Researchers, and students. It is a Smart City Simulation Model that covers almost all Critical and Non-Critical sectors which can be the target of hackers. This is developed by Tactical Cyberange Simulations (TCS).

Cyberange Lab provides numerous penetration hands-on training and tests. Along with the training, you will receive a exercises book with 100+ exercises and downloadable offline labs which are highly recommended to be completed before appearing for the certification program. At the end of training, you can be sure to have acquired skills needed by the industry to secure the IT perimeter.

Cyberange Certification process is completely practical and are very challenging. Companies like to hire candidates who have proven skills on the ground. This certification is no less than a real scenarios which makes industry trust us to deliver highly skill full candidates.

Cyberange offers following certifications –

1. Penetration Testing

Penetration testing program intensely covers network and web application pentesting both of which are primary entry points of a cyber-attack from small to large enterprises. It also allows you to audit and understand how vulnerable a network is.

2. Web Application Penetration Testing

While Penetration testing program covers basic web exploitation techniques, Web application penetration testing deals with in-depth analysis and testing of Vulnerabilities. It includes source code analysis, discovering of vulnerabilities and advanced application.

3. Critical Information Infrastructure Penetration Testing

This is an advance program which requires the student to have prior experience in penetration testing and has knowledge of the critical infrastructure deployments. All hands-on labs exercises are performed on a simulated environment of real life CII deployments.

This is for you if you are either of –

– Network Administrators
– System Administrations
– Security Professionals
– Web application Developers
– Programmers
– CEH Certified
– Geeks having knowledge of Network concepts, Linux OS and basic scripting skill with web concepts.

Training focus on following topics –

  • Network Scanning
  • Vulnerability Hunting
  • Attacking Network Services
  • OWASP Top 10 Vulns
  • System Hacking
  • XSS Attacks
  • SOAP Injections
  • Blind SQLi
  • Web Shells
  • Social Engineering
  • RFID Attacks
  • Impersonation Attacks
  • Browser Exploitation

Pics of Nagpur Cyberange Lab

Video – Nagpur Cyberange Lab