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Cyber Security Services – Softsense
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Cyber Security Services

Softsense is training, internship, placement partner with for NSD and Cyberange certifications.

1. ISAC Training

This is a training program by Information Security and Analysis Center, a Non-Profit organization, Public-Private-Partner (PPP) with Government of INDIA. Softsense is the PAN India training partner of ISAC and TCS for NSD Certifications since 2013.
Training is availed in following Cyber Security (Ethical Hacking) domains –

  • Penetration Testing
  • Malware Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Web Application Security
  • Mobile Application Security
  • Exploit Development
  • Digital Forensic Analysis


  • Official training from ISAC approved NSD certified faculty
  • Register once and repeat classes as many times across the year
  • 40 Hours Classroom Training
  • Hands-on 100+ virtual labs

2. NSD Examination and Certification

NSD certificate is awarded to credible & trustworthy Information Security Experts with proven skills to protect the National Critical Infrastructure & Economy of the country. We feel proud that, till September 2019, Softsense has contributed 30 Certified candidates in National Security Database. 


  • Employers get a cover of INR 5,00,000 again the code of conduct of our successful candidate.
  • A real challenging, on-line, completely practical examination of 8 hours duration.
  • Levels
    1. Intervention Officer
    2. Cadet
    3. Falcon
    4. Guardian
    5. Patron
  • THREE months guaranteed internship 

3. Cyberange Smart City Simulation

With growing dependency on digital systems for businesses, it is crucial that data security be part of every business. Our Solutions will cover people, devices and infrastructure to make sure you are defended from multitude points of attack. Smart City Simulation is our newest addition to our growing list of simulations on CASN ( Cyber Attack Simulations Network ). Smart power grids, telecom, autonomous metro rail services are part of our new additions to smarty city simulations. Our special training program are –

Web Application Penetration Testing [For Web Application Developers Security Professionals]


  • Web Application Languages
  • Linux OS Usage
  • Basic Scripting Skills

CII Penetration Testing [For Security Professionals Penetration Testers]


  • Certified Penetration Tester
  • Solid Programming Knowledge
  • Basic Understanding of CII

Deployments Professionals, Students, and Researchers can sign up to practice on a whole new level of challenges and learn new technologies of how attackers are targeting the infrastructures. In Cyberange Smart City Simulation program, Learn from the industry’s most experienced team of information security experts, they have done numerous penetration tests, published some great exploits, disclosed several vulnerabilities. It is practical and hands-on training, it’s less theory and more practice. At the end of the training, you can be sure to have acquired skills needed by the industry to secure the IT perimeter.

4. HanuBot

This is a Cyber Safety Awareness Program in your school for parents and students. Cyber Safety Awareness Program in your school for parents and students. Statistics says that almost 76% of kids between age 9-15 have faced Cyberbullying or some other form of Online crime and almost 89% of the parents are not aware that such a problem even exists. To spread awareness, we need your support. Being a pioneer in education and the epitome of leadership, we expect a lot from school. After all, only a leader can show the way for others to follow. This includes – ONE day workshop in school by ISAC. The workshop will be 3 sessions spread over 4-5 hours. It is essential for parents to attend this workshop. Hence, an ideal time would be PTM. During this workshop, we will expose the parents and kids to our Hanubot Cyber Safety Kit, a one of a kind self-learning kit to avoid Cybercrimes in various forms.

There are immense benefits for school including:

  • Setting up of CLICK (Cyber Law Intervention Centre for Kids) per 1000 kits,
  • Free Training for teachers to become Cyber Law Counsellors (Carried out separately),
  • Education Partner status with ISAC and mention on our website.
  • Certification by ISAC to the school for being CLICK Enabled (Meaning the school can counsel students on certain cybercrime cases)

Benefits for the students and parents include:

  • Dedicated sessions on parenting and dealing with such issues.
  • Ways to communicate with their kids on how to stay safe online.
  • Hands-on activities for both parents and kids – password strengthening, spot the trap, talk to a mentor etc.
  • Distribution of Hanubot Cyber Safety Kit at heavily subsidised price.

The complete Hanubot Cyber Safety Kit would include the following:

  • Hanubot – A Comic Book Series for self learning
  • Parent guide to tackle symptoms of Cyber Crime in kids
  • Strong Password Maker – An interesting activity to secure your passwords
  • Spot the trap – A flash card based chat game for kids
  • Hanubot DVD – A collection of animated videos teaching kids ways to secure their online activities

5. CES Rating

The Crime and Environment Safety (CES) rating certification ensures residential space, schools, commercial spaces and critical infrastructures are protected with highest standards for crime prevention. This also includes the financial guarantee for frauds committed by security guards, maids, drivers and facility staff. CES rating certification standard from ISAC enhances Physical Security at any premises by use of using artificial intelligence, data analysis, design elements and efficient technology driven control checks.

There are SEVEN domains that are rated for crime prevention and safety at your infrastructure

  • Access Control
  • Facility Safety
  • Workforce Rating
  • Data Security
  • SOC
  • Sustainability
  • Community

The comprehensive auditing of your residential society based on Crime and Environment Safety (CES) Standard allows you to review existing security architecture, technology, people and processes, including Biophilic design principles for complete physical and cyber security gap analysis that may impact the safety of residents. A final report with all the findings and recommendations will be presented before the executive team for further action. We are designing schools, commercial and residential complexes based on CES Standard for smart cities The CES Standard for crime prevention is used by multiple societies in various cities and will be a norm in future for smart city security. The standard is open and designed to protect and enhance physical security, combined with technology and unique people rating process for integrity and ethics Multiple companies are taking advantage of the standard to improve their physical security standards for crime prevention.

6. VAPT Audit

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a process in which the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) infrastructure consists of computers, networks, servers, operating systems and application software are scanned in order to identify the presence of known and unknown vulnerabilities. This is a testing process to find security bugs within a software program or complete network.
Softsense is ISAC authorized VAPT Auditor, providing following services –

  • Review of Network Devices, Servers and Systems
  • Identify vulnerabilities and configuration issues
  • Identify possible routes an attacker could use
  • Identify potential damage and any internal compromise by attacker
  • Patch Management