08 Oct 2017
Oct 8, 2017: On the occasion of successfully completion of 17 years, Softsense expresses sincere thanks to everyone who invested their time, skill and knowledge in improving the quality and processes of Softsense . We dedicate this success to our students, staff members, and well-wishers.

12 Aug 2016
Congratulations to hundreds of students for succesfully completed on-line GK examination. All candidates are informed to please collect your assured Gift Vouchers from respective branch.

24 Jul 2016
Congratulations!!! Vinay Atkar, Jayesh Tapse, and Sandesh Sonole for clearing "ISAC Certification" in "Penetration Testing".

04 Mar 2016
Congratulations Chaitanya Bobhate for achieving prize at IIT Delhi and Wish you all the best from all of us for final round on 5-6 March at IIT Chennai.

23 Feb 2016
Congratulations to following students for clearing NSD's LAB Exam in the domain "Penetration Testing" - Mr. Sudhir Mishra, Mr. Mohammad Rampurawala, Mr. Saurabh Shukla

13 Dec 2015
Congratulations to following students for successfully completing the Internship for "Penetration Testing" certification of ISAC.
Mr. Sujay Pusadkar (Akola), Mr. Manoj Musale (Chandrapur), Mr. Vedant Ambarkar (Nagpur), Mr. Pawan Waghmare (Chandrapur), Mr. Amit Suryawanshi (Osmanabad), Mr. Ajay Gedam (Nagpur), Mr. Anoop Padhye (Nagpur), Mr. Chaitanya Bobhate (Nagpur), Mr. Shridhar Giri (Nagpur), Miss. Kanak Mishra (Akola), Pooja Gaikwad (Wardha), Praman Rana (Amravati), Mr. Pratryush Naseri (Nagpur), Mr. Aditya Harshey (Nagpur), and Mr. Ramij Khan (Bhandara)

11 Oct 2014
If you are qualified and registered for voting, use your voting right for better INDIA

08 Oct 2014
SOFTSENSE has entered 15th year of services. We are thankful to thousands of students for giving opportunity to serve their scholastic. We express our sincere thanks to all who directly or indirectly helped in development and accepting various challenges in last 14 years.